Thursday, July 23, 2009

Father's Eulogy

Your smile and laughter shattered atoms and charged the particles of life/So negatives became positives/Positives became nirvanas/And nirvanas became the building blocks of our lives/Something worth living for/Even if perfection has a price because it’s worth the cost

You meant more to me than any single moment/Any single conversation/Any singular single blip of mind matter that matters within my myopic mind/Without you, a part of my heart has gone missing/As my world dissolves beyond the horizon, my own self going blind/And Timex doesn’t foretell the time with which one lives or dies/One succumbs or survives/Because the infinity of space before and beyond holds only the point which I hold onto you/The coalescence of both our lives/Even if I can never be so generous of heart

You were always a mountain of a man/An Everest of heart and mind/Who reflected a landscape at once intimidating and inviting/Heights worth ascending even if sharp edges and canted angles proved imposing/No matter – my sister and brother and I would softly slide down the surfaces grasping at what felt insurmountable/A slipping down life/But you’d always welcome us to traverse the tough terrain, a trek towards the heavens that perpetrated that which was honest and true/Self-growth in the knowledge of things

My father cannot be manufactured nor cloned/He can never be duplicated nor replicated/Never carbon-copied like an inferior version and then just dated/My father has no expiration date

Now you yourself have ascended to a place beyond man-made structures/Beyond nature’s handiwork/Beyond space’s infinity/Carried on the gossamer feathers of some angels’ wings/Carried by the explosion of emotion given weight by the griots’ words as they sing/Carried by your legion of family and friends and the infinite love that they bring/And you will never fall

My father was my father/I love him/I miss him/I want him back/That is all

- Brendan Jude Liszanckie

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